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Our House at Christmas

1998 - 99 In The Beginning

We had been lighting our home for a few years by accessing power using the porch light and running the large C9 bulbs along the edge of the eaves.  This was the first year we completely covered the house with lights.  
We spent one weekend trimming all the shrubs and bushes and then during Thanksgiving week, we started by hanging conduit at 8 ft, along the outside of the two street-sides of our house.  We placed single gang boxes near each corner to provide ample access to electricy.  I had some help from a contractor friend of mine and together we installed a separate sub-panel in the garage with a double 50 amp breaker in the main panel feeding it.
We place four 20 amp breakers in the sub-panel with two circuits running through a mechanical timer to the house lights and single breaker through a 2nd timer feeding the bushes along the sidewalk, leaving the fourth breaker for any future needs.
It took about 30+ hours over the next 2 weekends to hang all these lights and went through a box of staples, lots of nails and managed to kill a few strings in the process but the results turned out better than we thought.
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