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Our Family

Both of our familys, the McHenry's and the Mackey's were of Irish and Scottish Ancestry.  We have been able to track both back to the early 1700's at a point where both entered the US shortly thereafter.

We have spent several years in discovery and documentation of both families, using the internet, meeting other family historians both online and in person.  What we have tried to do is to provide a brief history of both families such that one would be able to paint a picture of sorts and then follow both lines from where we started to the present day.

Because of the need to help keep all families private, information is only provided once each person has passed and permission is given to document publicly. Federal Census records are provided up to the 1940's as information is not made public by the U.S. Census for approximately 70 years. Given that, the 1950 Census data may be available as early as 2021.

We hope you enjoy the discovery as much as we did putting it all together. As in all projects of this size, some of the information may be incorrect and I am certainly open to anyone providing us the corrections with which I can update our records.

As long as I have breath, I will attempt to keep this information up to date.

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