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Our House at Christmas

2018 - An unexpected change

In 2018 we added a Angel and spiral tree. This year has been especially difficult because we are getting older and it is getting harder to put up all these lights.  There was huge forest forest fire up north that left the valley we live in filled with smoke and set us back a couple weeks. Four days of rain followed that and so we didn't even get started until Thanksgiving weekend. So this year we chose to downsize our light display by not putting any on the roof and not covering our home with all the white lights. Instead we just outlined the house in colored lights, strung blue icicles along the eaves, covered the fence and bushes.  We actually got a lot of complements on the new look!
18-LED Christmas Lights07.jpg
18-LED Christmas Lights02.jpg
18-LED Christmas Lights04.jpg
18-LED Christmas Lights05.jpg
18-LED Christmas Lights01.jpg
18-LED Christmas Lights03.jpg
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