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Our House at Christmas

2020 - 21 - A Brand New Look

In 2020 we ran a 135 foot string of waterproof programmable LED's along the entire eaves of our house. They were bright enough that they actually colored the entire side of the house! We can leave them up all year and change the color of the house based on a season or holiday.  Then we decided add an entirely new project and begin to move toward a computerized program to run our lights.  Last year we used this process to completely replace all the lights on our Church's Singing Christmas Tree and we were surprised that it worked so well. So this year we are replacing all the multi-colored lights on the fence that surrounds our front yard with the same type of lighting.  Each of the 20 sections are individual panels connected to a circuit board called a receiver. Each receiver can operate up to 4 panels each. There are 5 receivers and all are connected using cat5 network cable to a Controller which is operated by a mini-computer called a PI. While it sounds pretty complicated, it's not all that hard.  Fortunately I have a friend who has used this same process on his home and it looks absolutely beautiful.  Using the program xLights I am able to create just about anything and send it running along the entire 100 foot length of the fence.  You will just have to see it to understand.

Next year, maybe we can program the fence to music and broadcast it on a short wave FM station for people to hear while driving by!  Stay tuned!
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