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This trip is the fifth in a series of "Anniverary" trips that we have taken every 5 years beginning in 2001 which was our 25th Anniversary. They have grown ever since, beginning with one week for every 5 years of marriage to the number of days to match our anniversary, due to the fact that Dot said 5 years ago, that "8 weeks was too long to be away from home".

So, since we will be celebrating our 45th anniversary this year, we decided to do a 45 day road trip . . . in the roadster.  Mind you it is only a two-seater with limited space for luggage due to the top being stored in the trunk when it's down. So we will drive with the top up when traveling between hotels, and top down when driving around the cities weather permitting.

This was by far the hardest trip we have planned because it required us to create two itineries due to Covid-19 requirements.  At the beginning of May 2021, just 30 days from the beginning of our trip, we made the decision to drop our initial itinerary and go with the alternate.  More on that later.

We hope to to add to this webpage at least every other day with a link in Facebook for all our friends (all of you!) to reach our website.  So, sit back, settle in, and we hope you will enjoy our trip as much as we will. Click on the button below to begin following our adventures on our 45th Anniverary Trip!

Our 45th Anniverary Trip

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