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Our 30th Anniverary Trip

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Island Cruise

Tips for traveling through this Adventure


To have the best experience try these suggestions . . .

First of all, let me welcome you on our trip, and specifically, Aloha! We hope you will spend some time here browsing through the journal of a trip we took back in 2006.       To help you do that I would like to offer the following suggestions for surfing this site:

  1. The maps across the top will take you to each corresponding week we spent on that specific island.

  2. The larger map on each Island page will show you where on the island we visited on that particular date.  Clicking on the map will enlarge it, but without the "X" that marks the places we've been.

  3. Clicking on any of the photos will accomplish one of two things:  Either they will open a much larger copy of the photo, OR they will take you to a website that links you to that particular event.  Rolling your mouse over the photo will give you a brief description.

  4. The highlighted, underlined words in the body of the text you are reading are links to slide shows, websites, documentation and more, specifically about the highlighted subject.

  5. Hawaiian music that will play on each of the Island pages at the beginning of each week & a couple of other pages. There will be controls allowing you to pause it if you wish.  However, the music you hear on these pages is not available to be copied.  You will find a link to the Artists page on the last page if you would like more information.

  6. And finally, if you see a photo you like and want to make a copy of it, go right ahead, it's OK with me.  All photos are public domain and most of them are available on the web.


So, get yourself a fancy umbrella drink, kick off your sandals, find a comfortable chair (or hammock) and click on the button below to get started!


Mahalo & Aloha!

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