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Our "Anniverary" trips really began as a rather benign idea that sort of grew wings over a period of about 2 years.


The first thoughts we had about this began back in 1999. We were approching our 25th Anniversary in 2001 and I got the wild idea to do one week of vacation for every 5 years of marriage. . . My wife thought I was nuts . . . so I dropped the idea. Then a few months later she came back and asked if I was still harboring the idea of a 5 week vacation for our 25th and I said that I had dropped it but would be willing to revive it. So she asked where I thought we would go and I instantly said how about Disney World but drive all the way back to California and stop at all the sites along the way? And that was the start of the idea.

We are now in our 44th year of marriage and have accomplished four of those "Anniverary" trips and have nearly completed plans for our fifth trip June & July 2021. A roadtrip in a Roadster!

Our "Anniverary" Trips

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